I’m not a very photogenic person, but here’s the various odds n’ ends from the past few years-some  that can be found in different places on the web-for different reasons, and I thought I’d put them all here- in one place. I’ll add more from time to time-and maybe some photos of other people as well, (with their permission, of course). I usually loathe photos of myself, but there are some that were taken on very happy/memorable occasions, so though they may not be great photos, they help me remember particular times…Also, you’ll notice I’ve added some ‘Baby Lucia’ photos as well-just because.

Hiding with Artaud33_12


bwdevilchild  Virgin 13 dweeb                            Lucia_ParkLife_04-22-09                                                              luciablue2                       babybw                                                                 newamdoll(small)                            Lucia_Bright                       redmagda                      DON'T LAUGH AT MY JACKET

luci_nile                         Lucia_The_Star            Lucia3             LnN

t44                       lilme


6 Replies to “Photos”

  1. Hi Albert, Thank U (and it wasn’t a cheesy comment by the way). In case U see this-good luck tomorrow (though I’m sure U won’t need it), and I look forward to hearing from U soon!
    Big hug right back at ya!

  2. wow, beautiful eyes…(cheesy comment, I know). I am off on my first business trip on the new job tomorrow, but I’ll be in touch soon.

    Good to know you’re well.

    big hug Albert

    1. Hi Jim, I am feeling much, much better now, and Wow, U REALLY think I look healthy? “Damn healthy” even? Thank U!
      Maybe now I can get my healthy…self back to work, huh?

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