Spoken (downloads)


*** Newest version of American Darkness

I especially recommend: Madhouse Fancies (both versions), Home, Bedtime Story and Spring (despite its terrible sound quality!) These are my personal favorites. ~13

Spoken With Music (with Porchdroid)



Readings Of Work In Progress

Audio Blog

Reading My Favourite Passages





One Reply to “Spoken (downloads)”

  1. Hey Luci how you been. Just catching up with things after a little time spent in the torrent which has been (is) my life and spent some time listening to your soothing voice. I especially loved the last line in spring…’I wish it would rain and wash this day away’. I really like listening to your spoken word -it has a kind of ethereal quality which resonates with me.
    PS. I havent been around but I assume you havent done anything with that music that I sent you yet-thats ok though -it only happens if it happens -I know how creative process can be.
    Hope your well. I have been a bit hopeless on line of late-bit distracted … Jim

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