Its extremely difficult to sum yourself up for an about page, especially when the about is all over the place, and tends to change from day to day or even hour to hour, but lets see what we can do…



Manic and moody. A bit too generous at times, and because I don’t take anything for granted, I have a difficult time reading between the lines, as far as what people are trying to tell me. I love monkeys and children-most of the time. I’ve always been a loner-I didn’t even have imaginary friends when I was small. Give me my beloved headphones, and pen and paper, and I’ll stay out of your hair all day… I sketch, though not well, and I’ve been working on a comic book idea for the last 9 years or so, though not too seriously which explains why it isn’t finished ( I bet’cha didn’t know about my comic book project did you?). My idea of a great Friday night would be nestled away in a bookstore-especially a used bookstore, but I’ll gladly settle for a larger store such as Borders or Barnes and Noble. My Saturday would be staying in with people I feel totally comfortable with, doing something like watching a really good movie or toying with a ouija  or something. I have an extreme interest in anything labeled ‘paranormal’. Show me an authentically haunted house, and I’ll spend the night there alone, and maybe even make a few new friends. Which leads us to Sunday-Sundays are best spent on very long aimless drives or in a cemetery, doing charcoal rubs and reading epitaphs; playing in the rain is nice too.


I was going to be either a rock star or an opera singer, until I began writing-and eventually doing spoken word. I took three years of vocal lessons a very long time ago, so I’m completely out of practice, however I’d still like to sing someday…I feel there’s too much to do for such a short life, so it’s impossible to slow me down. I rarely sleep, and when I do, it’s usually from morning to afternoon… I’m a video game junkie (old school video games like Zelda and Tomb Raider still kick ass!), and I love horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Of course I have to seriously limit my game time-or I’d never get anything done. I love old Hollywood glamour-Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor especially. I’m quite spiritual-but not religious. I think Jesus was fabulous, but Christianity has distorted and virtually destroyed his original ideas-and they’ve wrapped it up in a nice bundle of hypocrisy. I’m interested in Voodoo-but I can’t see conforming to any organized religion…Maybe I should just start my own religion (don’t laugh-it could happen!!!) Speaking of conforming, it’s not something I do well-I make my own rules, which usually doesn’t make me the most popular girl, and that’s exactly how I want it. I never dream of becoming rich and famous by selling my work-the last thing I’d ever want to do is appeal to the mainstream, and don’t bother analyzing that-I really do mean what I say. By the way, I enjoy psychoanalysis; just not when people are 100% sure that they have my riddles solved-mainly because they’re so off the mark usually. I am complete geek girl I suppose, because I’d rather go to a comic book store than some dreadful place like Bath and Body works. I’m currently very into Death Note, and if I were one of Neil Gaiman’s Endless characters, I’d be 40% Death and 60% Delirium. Sometimes I laugh too much at some of the tasteless Adult Swim shows. Some people assume that because I’m “dark” I don’t laugh often, but really, I have a wicked sense of humor. I collect dolls of all sorts, and dead things like butterflies, Luna moths, snakeskin, praying mantises, I also have a real rattlesnake head in my odd collection, and someone gave me an alligator head last year, (isn’t that sweet??) Of course this is very un-PC, so maybe I shouldn’t tell you how much I love fur and feathers too..I adore anything pink and black or anything fringy. I’m a Capricorn-[if that means anything, and I’m fairly certain it does]. I have countless half-siblings throughout America and Mexico, thanks to my tom-cat father, who was never a Daddy to any of his babies. So if you have some paternal issues, and you happened to have olive skin, brown-black eyes, a very wild side and mean streak, you could very well be my sibling. I’m a strange buffet of Italian, Cherokee, Navajo and Irish-[if that means anything, and I’m fairly certain it does]. I despise trends-any trends. I love things and people that smell pleasant-Honeysuckle, lilac, wild roses, funeral flowers, any scent with the word ‘linen’ involved, Jasmine, French vanilla, apple cinnamon-the list could go on and on…but my favorite scent in the whole world is Egyptian Musk, though I’d settle for African musk or nearly any other musk. I love ‘The Fragile’ by Nine Inch Nails when I’m low, ‘Blow Wind Blow’ by Tom Waits when I’m all alone, Disintegration by The Cure always…art-especially Italian renaissance and postmodern. Some of my favorite artists are Titian, Escher, Dali, O’Keefe and Chagall. I love Beatrix Potter and Carl Jung. I love autumn, but I dislike winter. Oh, and I never learned how to swim.


I’m also fond of: Egypt, Lucretia Borgia, Antonin Artaud, India, Mary Magdalene, Catherine the Great and her Potemkin, paper dolls, Jazz, bookmarks of all sorts, (because I never have enough bookmarks), beaded or very personalized jewelry, floods, Bossa Nova, locks of hair from the people I treasure,  music-boxes, Lilith, mix cds, clocks, lockets, dried flowers, make-up sex, Angels-especially the fallen ones and the Archangel Michael, bamboo, Pina Coladas, Andy Warhol, Postmodernism, Jesus, bones, gnomes and goblins, Kali, Puccini, red meat (xx-well done!), ‘girl power’, hour-long kisses, selfless devotion, Lord Byron, butterflies, Cleopatra, zombies, black and white photography, Buddha, the feel of skin on skin, heavy thunderstorms (without the tornado threats), buildings with very high ceilings, large cats, submissive dogs, clothing from India, Chopin, Native American folktales, and other folktales from around the world. The Madness of Crowds,  pleasant surprises,  Comfortable silence between two people, My 1gb ipod shuffle (less space makes you choose your music wisely!)This list could continue, and I’ll probably add more from time to time, but I’ll stop for now.

I’m a bit neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, and extremely germaphobic at times, but I can still have fun getting dirty.  I’ve learned to trust my instincts above logic, and I’m extremely honest and devoted. I tend to be distrustful of people’s intentions at first, but once you’re in-you’re in. I prefer checkers to chess, Rolling Stones to the Beatles, and I’ll flee if I’m questioned in a condemning manner or feel cornered. I really dislike diamonds, but love Amber and black onyx. I don’t wear high heels-(I’m already 5’9-so I often feel ‘too’ tall already most of the time). I’m a recovering shoe and basic shopping addict, but I’m very sentimental so I really miss the feel of a really thick stack of ‘fun money’. I prefer the feel of cotton next to my skin more than any other fabric, as un-sexy as that is. Give me a 400+ thread count set of sheets, and I’ll be your best friend for a day, maybe even a week. I’ve been told that I do a very nice Betty Boop impression. If I were a song, I’d be something between Boccherini’s Minuet and the Beatles’ I am the Walrus and I prefer homemade cards over store purchased cards-always. I really love cheesecake, and could happily survive solely on it forever. I’m also a fan of ice cream-and will gladly trade in a really good meal for a bowl of ice cream. I’ve have an extremely disorganized organization. I’m a bit of an anarchist and an arsonist sometimes. Believe it or not, I wouldn’t mind getting involved in politics. I feel that every girl… every woman deserves a worthy Daddy or two-be it Paternal, Sugar or other wise. I crave spontaneity, moonlight strolls, all-night drives with the windows or the top down, singing in the rain-and I absolutely cherish the feel of something new.




I fight hard, but love harder.If I were someone else, I think I’d wonder about me.

Calculated, but not so cold. Definitely  more  Jolie than Aniston.

More spice than sugar, usually. Much too sensitive for my own good, but it’s hard to squeeze that sort of confession out of me, so you better hang on to it.

Sometimes my walls build walls.I always fail at small talk-it’s straight to the big stuff;

I’ve had some of my best conversations with complete strangers. I’ve also found that others want to get straight to the big stuff too.I’m fascinated with clocks (though I loathe time) and complicated locks. I like taking things apart to see how they work, then  put them back together again, good as new-usually,(except for cuckoo clocks, which get packed away and kept for ‘someday’).

If I click with someone, it’s immediate. I know within the first five minutes if you’re ‘in’ or not. I’m fiercely loyal to the ones that get in. Fiercely.

I’m the kind of best friend I wish I had, give or take a dozen or so flaws.

I expect too much sometimes, but I give even more.

I’m a bit too self-destructive.

Still shudder when someone addresses me as ‘ma’am’.

More Lolita than Stepford Wife.







7 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi,

    I was hoping to get in touch with you about your blog. My wife is a cancer survivor and I was wondering if I could ask you a quick question. Do you think you could email me when you get a chance? Thanks so much.



  2. This is a refreshingly honest and interesting about page – a good starting point to add context to your posts and work.

    By the way, Stepford Wives are about as appealing as Stepford Husbands, I should imagine…

  3. A great insight into you Luci, i think most people who regularly visit your site, and enjoy your work (the semi weirdo’s :)) will probably be able to relate to a lot of what you express here. Glad you spent the time on so elequently and beautifully giving us such a great wiew of who you are !


  4. Veyr compelling and very stunning writing with a dark side that is both roantic and balanced with good. I wished you were my neighbor or best friend I need help penning a book about somethigns I have seen. I love for you to be my Ghost writer. I have a wonderful sad story about a young immigrant from another country who gave his life to be a citizen, he worked for me as a US Marine in Iraq where I witnessed his loss of life….. Tim

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