The Dark Hippie and Her Crunchy Love

One of my readers told me that I am a wonderful ‘Dark Hippie’

I think ‘Dark Hippie’ is much, much better than the “Granola-loving, black-haired, tattooed spoiled brat living in your mother’s basement” comment I received during a small political kerfuffle with a Trump supporter.

My reply to that one:

‘I DO have black hair, well actually it’s sort ofย  faded from black to a dark brown at the moment, which is really bugging me because black hair is sort of my security blanket and one of the many ways I separate myselfย  from women like you…BTW, is that yellow-gray hair I see in your profile photo intentional? Is that a frosted look you’re sporting? I didn’t even know that frosting was still a ‘thing’!

I don’t have a single tattoo, mainly because I’m not into pain at all…I mean, there WAS that brief self-pain inflicting phase in high school, because I desperately wanted attention. I was such a sad, sad kid, and I wanted someone to just listen to me and to tell me that one day, that hellish period of my life would just become a bad memory, (well, several bad memories) and while my peers would all become leathery looking orange people, I would blossom into some mysterious butterfly-ish being. I actually still have a collection of very faint, little scars from those days…they remind me who I used to be and of how much stronger I am now. Tell me Sunshine, do YOU have any scars that remind you of who you once were and how much you have changed?

I’ve never been spoiled…well, actually that’s a fib, I’ve been a little spoiled at times, but I’m a headstrong feminist, so I prefer spoiling myself these days…except for breakfast…and dinner, most of the time; I definitely still like being spoiled like that. I’m also a sucker for having my hair played with too ๐Ÿ™‚

I haven’t spoken to my mother in a very, very long time, especially post-election, because we are now on completely opposite sides of the…’wall’ in my mind, and she’s never had a basement, and even if she did, I wouldn’t live down there-I’ve always preferred top to bottom in most situations ๐Ÿ˜‰

But granola-loving? Damn, woman, you hit that nail on the head big time! Love Crunch is my favorite, but I’m a granola sleaze, so I’ll take whatever is available most of the time. What’s your favorite granola, Sweetie?’

I even posted a photo of my favorite granola for her.

She only replied with a picture of various handguns and what I assume are assault rifles (I’m not very good with identifying guns) displayed on a table with a sleeping beagle in the background. I’m not sure if I was supposed to be impressed or feel threatened, but I’m quite certain she is not a fellow granola lover ๐Ÿ˜€

Peace & Love (Crunch),

~ Dark Hippie 13



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