Dear Beloved Private-Eye Pimp-Daddy,








Random message for my late father, the original Huggy Bear,

While tunneling my way through the boring slow Monday work I was suffocating under, I did what I often do when I am working-I entertain myself and pass the time by opening countless tabs from places like eBay in hopes of finding some amazing deal on some potential staple piece that my currently under construction wardrobe might be missing and seriously yearning for.

As I was glancing down endless pages of useless, boring button-up blue shirts, itchy-looking, pastel sweaters, and dreadful khaki mom-pants, there were occasional…colorful pieces that caught my eye. After the third or fourth time of enlarging what ended up being some colorful blue/brown (two of my favorite colors) silk button up travesties, it dawned on me what was subconsciously happening: I am becoming you, and at an exponential rate!

You see, I already understand the habits you have passed on to me because I live with them 24 hours a day. I know that I have your eyes, your nose, and your excessive need to endlessly find ways to turn a dime into a dollar…or two. I often lay awake at night, searching my brain for some master scheme, plan, that will dig me out of this deadbeat town, this angry country and my own demons.

But we need to have a chat about something else, that has always been apparent, but may be finally getting out of hand: It’s your sense of fashion, Dear Daddy-O, and how it’s really beginning to affect me, even more than it always has.

You see, it was totally cool that you spent the 70’s in your plaid suits, driving your groovy brown-paneled station wagon. It was the 70’s…you were simply embracing the era. And then, when I saw you last in 89′, you showed up at my door in your ark-sized, deep-brown Cadillac, sporting your dark brown pullover sweater under your somewhat retro leather pimp-style coat (so, my love for brown comes from YOU-I just somehow figured that out!). I thought it was fine…even a bit wild, in a cool way. After all, you were a colorful character, to say the least… a man with big, big stories… you were 65% shady private investigator in your long, tan detective trench coat (by the way, I just bought a long army-green trench coat last month, Pops. Pretty cool, huh?) but you were also 35% pimp…yeah, I know… real pimp…and for the most part, I have made peace with that, because it was different era and you were a noir-ish character…but, you see, if I’m not careful, my wardrobe will stop looking so, sorta sexy, dark hippie momma and more like Huggy Bear ala Starsky and Hutch. No offense, I dig that look…I mean, in the 2004 Starsky and Hutch movie, Snoop as Huggy Bear seriously slayed.



BUT, I’m not sure that his look is really a good look for me. I usually describe my look as “Gypsy Goth Bohemian Nitemare Hippy Girl“, and I don’t think there’s really any room for ‘Pimp-Darling‘ in that description, so please…please, stop forcing my eye to the most dreadful silky, orange, mustard-yellow combinations or silk brown shirts that even Giorgio A. Tsoukalos would have trouble fitting into his beloved brown wardrobe. Your influence on my style is already permanently etched into my personal stylish flair, like my love for crocodile print shiny shoes, or shiny shoes in general, and my own taste for mock pimp 70s brown leather jackets, faux fur-trimmed everything, oh, and I even have a pretty strong thing for fringy stuff (where did THAT come from BTW? Is that Mom’s fault?) but let’s leave it at that, OK? While I do truly have a love for hats and am still awaiting the perfect opportunity to wear two of my favorites-including a Huggy Bear 70’s inspired brown, velvet newsboy cap that I recently rediscovered, similar to the one I’m wearing in one of the photos below, I think we need to stop before feathered fedoras creep up, and I am fairly certain that if I don’t put the breaks on your fashion influence now, feathered hats will begin to appear in my newly budding wardrobe.

OK, that’s it for now. I hope you’re doing well in your heavenly (?) jazz bar, which I hope contains a fully-functional Mexican buffet.

Now, I am off to look for something solid colored and preferably black…maybe velvet and low cut…possibly adorned with a touch of faux fur.

Who knows, I might pair it with some shiny black shoes and a faux crocodile print handbag.

Love & Adoration,

~13 (aka Huggy Girl)



A few examples of your legacy:


redmagda         newfur       img_0001

Luciiiiia #1 BW_1


One Reply to “Dear Beloved Private-Eye Pimp-Daddy,”

  1. Hello Velvet Girrrrl Its been a long time. Where are you now? I’m not really sure where to even begin. I plan on typing out an email for the address listed above in hopes that you will read it. I am currently mobile until tomorrow evening having traveled 200 miles over the past days. I will enclose travel photos too.

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