‘Well uh-uh baby I ain’t got no plan…’


jason-and-meModest Mouse is such an amazing band, and these lyrics are some of the most relevant to me personally. Isaac Brock reminds me a lot of a cousin of mine, Jason.

When I was 5 and he was 4, he used to bully me by doing things like dumping handfuls of muddy red worms in my hair. I always had wild child hair that I hated having brushed (seriously, the idea of my mother with a bottle of no-more-tangles and a hair brush still makes me want to run outside and hide) So, of course, the worms were a nightmare to pull out of my tangled hair, but it wasn’t only worms that he tortured me with;

We use to play in a small creek near our houses, and one day, not too long after the worm incident, he decided it would be funny to pick up baby snakes from the creek bank and throw them at me while we were in the water. I was unbelievably terrified of snakes, so this was the last straw for me. I started screaming and ran out of the water as fast as I could, but rather than just walk home, I picked up a rock and threw it at him. In my five-year-old mind, the rock flew in slow-motion and hit him like a movie-style bullet in the middle of his forehead. It immediately began to bleed profusely, and I remembered thinking I had probably just killed him. This scared the Hell out of me, so I ran home, leaving his howling cry echoing behind me. I expected my mom to hear his crying, so I was scared sick, worrying about whatever punishment a 5-year-old receives for being a deadly rock thrower with an amazing aim. Luckily, nothing happened, and by the time I went to bed, I had forgotten about being a potential murderer.
The next day, I walked to the creek and there he was, with a nickel-sized scab on his forehead. Neither of us said anything about what had happened, but he never threw anything at or on me ever again.

He died a few years ago, and despite that we hadn’t seen each other for several decades, I feel bad that I never got the chance to apologize for being such a deadly great aim with a rock, even though I still feel that he DID deserve some kind of punishment for torturing me.

Perhaps he already knows.

Anyway, every time I see this performance, I think about that rock-throwing incident.
If you don’t listen to Modest Mouse, you should give them a try. As usual, I will gladly make a playlist for U.

Also, Isaac’s fantastic lisp adds a little something special to each song.



 ‘Ice-age heat wave, can’t complain
If the world’s at large, why should I remain?
Walked away to another plan
Gonna find another place, maybe one I can stand
I move on to another day
To a whole new town with a whole new way
Went to the porch to have a thought
Got to the door and again, I couldn’t stop
You don’t know where and you don’t know when
But you still got your words and you got your friends
Walk along to another day
Work a little harder, work another way

Well uh-uh baby I ain’t got no plan
We’ll float on maybe would you understand?
Gonna float on baby maybe would you understand?
Well float on maybe would you understand?

Love & Happy Stuff,



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