I Hate Today.

When David Bowie died, I felt devastated, and still can’t accept that such an important person could just ‘leave’ a world that needed him so…And now Prince has left us too…and I have lost a former mentor. That person whose music and my young teenage idea of escaping my little tortured world, running off to Minneapolis and making that mentor fall madly in love with me for a “blissful happily ever after” truly kept this kid from being destroyed by the constant torture of endless bullying in school. I can’t imagine what I would have done or who I would have been had I not had his music, and my videotape of the Purple Rain movie to escape into almost every day….days full of hearing people in their cowardly flocks- people who hadn’t a clue about who or what I was, rip me to pieces about my appearance, my assumed sexuality, my assumed religious (or anti-religious beliefs, rather), my taste in music and even my assumed ethnicity (as is nearly always the case with ignorance, they were waaaay off the mark with all of their assumptions). Even after growing up and growing apart from his music, I still see hints of his inspiration in things I do: in aspects of my writing, my ideas and openness about sexuality-both in my writing and in life, the way I wear my eyeliner…and even in my constant usage of writing ‘U’ in letters, emails, messages, etc. since I was 13. I wish I could have met U, Mr Prince Rogers Nelson…not for that “blissful happily ever after”, but to say Thank U for saving me when nothing or no one else could.
These words are useless right now…I hate today, and I hate this year for stealing such important people from us.
Love, as always…

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