LIFE: take 2

Rush, the song posted below,  is a pretty accurate representation of life (thus far) for me. 2014 was a terrible year…In fact-hands down, the most rotten time I’ve ever experienced, so here’s to 2015: to still breathing and to focusing on what I wish I could have been doing while bipolar was dragging me to the bottom of the well….writing: “Morgue Life”, a collection of new short stories which will be tweaked & completed by May, as well as several spoken word pieces (“Bad Intentions” will be the first), and finally, 3 brave magazine submissions (at last!). I’ve also created a Facebook page for my work and inspirations. Since I’m not the kind of person to post about every sandwich I eat, nap I have, or shower I take, this page is much more fitting than a ‘personal’ page, I think. I haven’t done much to the page yet, except post this video (and what a ROUGH video, indeed!) that I made last month for Vindication (formerly entitled Home)

Because the majority of the photos are oddly relevant to my world & my past in one way or another, this video was a the perfect choice to represent the song, I think. If you know me, that might actually make sense

And to the very best friend I’ve ever had, who would I be without U?

Love &  Hugs, Galore!



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