“A Tear in the Membrane Allows the Voices In”

“Some people spend their whole life chasing those shadows, but all my life those shadows have been chasing me.”

                                                                          ~If You Have Ghosts


This isn’t really a proper post, more like an I’m still here message…I’ve been quiet…and I mean really, really quiet, and being quiet isn’t good when there’s stories to tell…but unfortunately, there’s also money to be made and that comes before the stories, because its hard to fathom that telling those stories could ever make any money…but let’s save that talk for another time.. in summary, things aren’t better…though I wish more than anything I could lie and say they were, but why should I lie to U?

I know I should say more, but its late…or early, rather…after 10 a.m. on Sunday morning…a very icy, cold Sunday morning. And I have a headache…so for now, I’ll leave you with a few vital songs that speak volumes more for me than I feel like typing-and the first video features cars, where I’ve spent so many nights of my life-creating, mind-typing and searching for something & overpasses, which are some of my favorite places to be, (“because standing on overpasses sometimes makes me feel like I actually have choices” ~If You Have Ghosts)….So if you want to know where I am, you should have a listen…and maybe I’ll post something later tonight after I’ve slept…or attempted to sleep, at least.

Fuck the freezing cold,  the filthy snow & wretched ice, the short grey days, the tacky holiday season, being dirt-poor despite working every waking hour for pennies, not emailing you because the words that i want to say simply won’t surface and its so hard to focus long enough to make sense of things and tell you how I’m doing…or not doing, rather….fuck  feeling so UNwell, and for being silent for so long, though I told U that I wouldn’t do that again.

Blah! at my somber tone.

Right, I think that’s just about enough for now.

bitterly cold,


You should turn this one waaaaaay up, its perfection…and the video looks like my life.

Thom Yorke-Hearing Damage

A tear in the membrane
Allows the voices in
They wanna push you off the path
With their frequency wiring

you can do no wrong
In my eyes, in my eyes
You can do no wrong
In my eyes, in my eyes

A drunken salesman,
Your hearing damage
Your mind is restless,
They say you’re getting better,
But you don’t feel any better

Your speakers are blowing,
Your ears are wrecking,
Your hearing damage,
You wish you felt better,

You can do no wrong
In my eyes, in my eyes
You can do no wrong
In my eyes, in my eyes
In my

In my eyes, in my eyes
In my eyes

Lana Del Rey-Summertime Sadness

Apparat-Not a Good Place



2 Replies to ““A Tear in the Membrane Allows the Voices In””

  1. even if you close your eyes – there will always be – some light – nearby – someone – nearby – to hold your hand – to kiss your hair – to read your mind – to share your life – even in silence

  2. I’ve said it before… people who care about you do not care about whether you find the exact right words, whatever that means. Hearing from you is what’s important.

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