Come Walk With Me

OLD To-Do List:

  1. Suffer and eventually fight my way through a very unexpected episode of bipolar depression. Check!
  2. Suffer a draining and often agonizing MS relapse, brought on, no doubt by the major depressive episode, but resist the urge to resort to Corticosteroids to help me fight my way through it. Check!
  3. Become prone to excessive crying fits due to the lack of control I have while these things are happening to me. Check!
  4. Become angry.Really, really angry about the lack of control-until becoming reacquainted with Hinduism,(especially Shaktism). Check!
  5. Become patient with what my mind and body are going through and as difficult as trying to define MS or Bipolar to anyone that doesn’t understand how damaging either of these diseases can be, continue to try until they at least understand that I’m obviously going through something really, really bad at the moment. Check!
  6. As much as you hate it-allow, even FORCE yourself to SLEEP. Even if that means sleeping for 16 hours sometimes and not earning as much money as you want to-Your body NEEDS sleep more than money. Check!

NEW To-Do List:

  1. Create.Create.Create…And then create some more. Even bad writing is good at this point.
  2. Reconnect with the people I really, really, really miss and have grown to need.
  3. Reply to several months of Emails & Messages. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
  4. Blog. about. it. all.
  5. DO NOT become overwhelmed by my NEW to-do list and creep back into another bout of Hell.
  6. Often remind myself that All Work & No Play Made Luci a sick, sick girl, so PLAY more, dammit!
  7. Figure out trivial things, like why ‘Dammit’ is more accepted than ‘Damnit’
  8. Remember, you’re still a bit Fragile, so pace yourself.

Durgakali 24_2Love, Love, Love,



One Reply to “Come Walk With Me”

  1. Those of us who care about you don’t want you to put any pressure on yourself to “catch up” with emails and letters that were meant to strengthen you, Luci.

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