Sunday Morning & Isolation

Went out Saturday and I had a good time, fun conversation and a nice meal, (I even ate my veggies!) I think it was definitely time to leave the safety of my tiny home and venture out there for a while… Now its Sunday morning, and I’m exhausted & that means I haven’t written emails or done anything creative in the least bit, but that’s what Sunday evenings are for, right?

Watching someone sip bourbon while wearing a tipsy grin reminded me of the following songs, for more reasons than 1…or 2…or even 3.

Part of me says before sleeping, I should walk to the nearest gas station and pick up a newspaper…and maybe walk another mile and buy the hair dye I unbelievably forgot to pick up yesterday(!), while the store is quiet and virtually empty, but the very tiny sensible part of me says that I really should take a shower and go to bed…and perhaps have a lazy Sunday afternoon sleep-in before emails and writing. It seems the underdog-Sensibility- shall prevail on this shivering cold morning-a rare triumph, indeed.

Goodnight, Lovelies.

Sleepy Hugs,


“If I could talk to you I’d tell you dirty stories…”


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