New Mic! (audio ‘test’)

Hi Ya Darling Devils, Wanna do me a favor? Have a listen to this ‘test’ post and let me know how the new microphone sounds. Its probably going to take a while to get the sound just right, but for now I’m curious how it sounds to you.

Early Morning Sweetness,


P.S. Here’s the way  I looked almost two weeks ago after nearly catching a giant water monster 😉


2 Replies to “New Mic! (audio ‘test’)”

  1. It sounds wonderful. The “ssss” sounds are just ever-so-slightly noticeable. Perhaps a filter/windscreen over the mic might emiminate that.. or just practive with the new equipment. Even so, you sound fantastic. The timbre of your voice comes through brilliantly. Love, love, love it!

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