Falling On My Head Like A Memory…

The wind has been beautifully fierce today, and luckily it isn’t freezing cold…a perfect day to be outside…preferably by the river, and then eventually ON the river via ferry. However, the river is nowhere near me (which could perhaps explain the strange homesickness I feel?) and not only am I dealing with major PMS, but also an ugly bout of sinusitis, which means no going outside nor doing much of anything fun or worthwhile inside today…I think I may end this somewhat useless day by curling up on the couch and listening to the wind continue to shriek at the doors & windows before changing into my most comfy nightgown and slipping into bed.

Days like this-days that feel wasted– viciously rip at the dreadful over-acknowledgement of my own mortality. Much like empty, bitter arguments- These days are better ended quickly than suffered for very long.

Off to try shaking this somber mood-I’m irritating myself.

Melting ice cream in warm, soft rain…



4 Replies to “Falling On My Head Like A Memory…”

  1. HI Larry, its so great to know you’ve read my blog and I absolutely LOVE that U can hear my voice as you read it-that’s exactly what i want it to do to people. I’ve missed you SO much and I’m so happy that we’ve reconnected! I also totally agree with you about missing the old days but not giving up the life you have now. There are so many things that i want and need to change in the ‘here and now’, but at the same time, I like myself much more now than i did back then and somehow I’ve managed to find an inner peace that I didn’t have before. I can’t wait to talk to you again. Love you!!!
    P.S. I totally know what U mean about not getting John to go out into the real world-To be honest, once it gets cold outside, I really don’t like going out either 😉

  2. love the wind but I to suffer with my sinuses and the problem of getting john to want to go and do anything out in the real world love reading your blogs I hear your voice in my head luci as I read thim and I enjoy that I miss the late 80s but I wouldn’t give up my life i have now either what a twisted world we live in huh
    love you luci

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