‘Smack dab’ in the middle of my metamorphosis

Funny how both time and NEED can unexpectedly snatch you up by the nape of your neck and toss you into the Solitude Room-forcing you to think about everything & nothing, to have a pout, a rest… and sometimes an overall breakdown-all so that you come out of the experience feeling exorcised, enriched, empowered and finally, ALIVE. That’s where I am right now:

Thinking, pouting, creating, (though not so much of the resting, unfortunately)…Trying hard to hide from the overall breakdown, the ugly shadows & dark moods February and March tend to bring.

I think the thing that will clearly save me-besides completely changing my lifestyle and dumping most of the bad things that pretended to give me pleasure, but was actually making me feel dreadful me feel dreadful (red meat + preservatives + excessive sugar= bad, bad BAD!!!), is the creative process, which is functioning fairly well right now…The gears might need a little more lubing, but at least they’re turning and that’s a good thing… A very, very good thing.

Soon I hope to be out of my cocoon and into the sunlight, showing U some of what I’ve been scribbling down madly, along with photos and oh, yeah-My blog will be moving to a new address, because the Slave To It project (also in its own cocoon), has its very own work space/play area (finally), so there should be much more to entertain U soon…



P.S. This song always makes me smile. And Yes, its worth clicking the link and watching on YouTube.


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