Nearly THERE?

So, its less than an hour until the 15th officially begins for me. And that means a new decade begins for me and believe me, I don’t want to put too much emphasis on this whole age thing because as soon as I do, that’s when it’ll catch me and I’ll be tossed into a land of really horrible snowflake-patterned sweaters and khaki trousers and maybe even brown loafers!

OK, I’ve totally exaggerated that, haven’t I? I doubt turning 70 or 80 would even have that effect on me.

I think I need to stop concentrating on the number and actually enjoy the fact that its MY day, don’t I?

I meant to do an audio 4 U, but I’m too pressed for time at the moment, so it’ll have to happen sometime this weekend-maybe tomorrow evening, though its more likely to be the day after my big birthday bash instead. I’ll give U a  rundown of my birthday week and all the lovely cards and such, and tell U all about my shoe shopping fun. I think I love my shoes so much, I’ll have to post some shoe pictures for U. 😉

Speaking of photos, I really want to change things around on here-add more links and new photos and while I’ve said it before, this time I actually mean it-After all, I’m older now…or will be in in a very short while, so my word should be taken more seriously now, right???

I have the urge to ramble and the craving for something strong…like tequila or vodka. But I’m going to resist the urge and save it for tomorrow or Sunday and the cravings will pass-especially since I have access to neither (though my new BFF would more than happily oblige and enjoy watching me get tipsy I bet), and besides my one & only glass of  tequila tasted a bit like gasoline must taste (But in all fairness, I had a cold when I tried it). Of course vodka used to be a pal of mine 2 decades ago…wow, TWO fucking decades…that’s crazy.

The future looks a little scary but a whole lot exciting for me.

One piece of advice: don’t ever begin a conversation with a woman you’ve never met before by telling her that she seems to be aging well. Nice gesture, but save it for the wine & cheese, K?

Gimme more birthday hugs already and thanks for the pre-Happy B-days!

your older, wiser, more serious Lucia?

Nah, I don’ t really think so.



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