“I won’t slip/I won’t fall/I won’t change”

I… went outside… for a while… to decide.

Have U missed me?

I’ve not been so good, but I’m better now. sorta.

I’ll explain soon-It’s late and I’m desperately trying to hang on to an ordinary schedule believe it or not- so I can drink up as much  of the weak sunlight that sometimes creeps into my window (sunlight makes me much, much happier). I just can’t look outside the window, because the rotten snow steals my warmth and I begin to panic-which makes me happy that I canceled the 6 day boat trip I was supposed to take to England once upon a time. I have a feeling that being completely surrounded by water would have the same effect as being completely surrounded by snow and bare trees…

I caught a small relapse just in time before it became a big deal, though I’m not sure we’re totally out of the woods yet, because I still don’t feel 100% like myself.

I owe U an email, believe me I know…and that’s what I’m working on-after I get some much needed sleep…By the way, I’m nearly a vegetarian once again…I’m guilty of chicken a few days ago, but that was it, and afterward I felt as dirty as a drunken one night stand, so there will be no more of that-at least not for a long while (U could say my dirty  temptations are few and far between at the moment ;D)

Listen to this…loudly, even if you don’t like the sound- It’s been extremely helpful lately:

Thank U for REALLY  knowing me. Seriously.

I won’t slip, I won’t fall, I won’t change…

~ Dark Lucia 13


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