4:45 a.m.

I slept most of my day away, trying to escape the irritating sneezes and sniffling that has now developed into a full blown head cold, just as I expected it would. Really glad that I did the audio post last night, because speaking  hurts a bit at the moment, and I’m sure I sound officially sick now. I had wonderful dream-free sleep, or at least nightmare-free sleep, because I vaguely remember snippets of pleasant dreams. I should be in bed now, but I’ve got a busy head and its absolutely too quiet outside, making everything seem surreal.. I can hear Cat slowly crunching  her food by my door, so it isn’t a complete Twilight Zone episode-at least until she stops the crunching and goes back to sleep in front of my door like the ultimate familiar she’s rapidly becoming.

I’m not really in the mood to write at all, and I’m sure its because I feel so blah right now. I haven’t done replies or much of anything else tonight, other than listen to music, especially the two songs I’m posting below.

Nile made black bean veggie burritos for dinner-which were absolutely perfect-though my taste buds are really ailing-It’s definitely a meal that he cooks MUCH better than me, which is very, very cool-especially since I so did NOT want to cook today.

Glad U liked the audio post, and I’m sure now that I’m finally doing this a bit more often again, I’ll do audios more often too. Blogging has honestly opened my mind up and inspired me to write much more than I’ve done the rest of this year. (typing happy, positive thoughts to conquer this stupid cold!)

Off to have my shower and then load up on more cold meds instead of my buddy, Ambien. Then its time for a nap, me thinks.

U really should watch the videos below and listen to the lyrics-they’re beautiful-seriously. Now, I must go find my warm wrap because its absolutely freezing cold in here 😦

…as freezing cold as I remember feeling in this photo almost 8 years ago..I was miserable because of the cutting cold wind and I’m wondering if I should have helped the captain man the boat or something, rather than leaning awkwardly against a pole in my rotten eye-squinting pose like a total moron for photos. I don’t do so well with hiding my misery when I’m supposed to be making nice for the camera, do I?

Shivering Hugs,



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