Sleepy-time, Saturday Morning

Good Morning, U darling rays of sunshine!!

Can someone tell me WHY I’m still awake? Perhaps because I’ve been writing off and on all night-and even now, there’s ideas playing chase through my brain, but my eyes are beginning to burn and the bright sunlight is shoving its way into the room and the noise of barking dogs and traffic and TV  is beginning to irritate me, and  I’m too lazy to stand up, take 5 steps to my left and turn off the TV…so instead I’m drowning it out with the music on my headphones, or trying to anyway.

Hey, guess what-I won a contest…wanna guess why and what I won? I won a coolest  Halloween house contest (although I live in an apartment), all because of a Halloween story (paragraph) I wrote about the importance of decorating for Halloween for me and my child, (I haven’t ‘decorated’ for Halloween since Nile was 12-except for the awesome purple and green  lights we hung on the balcony last year- but I’ve been too lazy to brave the kazillion totes in my closet to find them this year)  Anyway, I won 30….THIRTY bags of chocolate and a fog machine and some other stuff..pretty cool, eh?

But I’m already sick of chocolate, so if you want a treat, come do a trick or two-there’s plenty to go around.

I’m hoping to wake up earlier than everyone later today so I can do the audio post…For now I’m off to have a shower, slip into some really comfy pj’s and read (crawl)  through some  more of  Chuck Palahniuk‘s Tell-All, which I So wish I was enjoying half as much as Paulo Coelho‘s Veronika Decides to Die, although the two are worlds  apart, so its probably not fair to compare them, correct?

Here’s  a sample of what’s been going through my head & what I’ve been listening to for the past few hours-while trying to write, rewrite and rewrite a particular scene from If You Have Ghosts, with very little luck.

The Horrors video is particularly lurvly and White Rabbits lyrics & percussion are excellent:

“Hey, it’s been a while, So I’ll just beg, borrow & steal all your time, We’ll call it dignified…You’ll never come back, My God, can’t you see that I know which way you run? You’re tired my love, I feel the same…Where do U get off, and how can I get there too?…”

Thanks for the music & sweetness, and as always gimme MORE!

La La Love U,



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