Its been a while since I rambled aimlessly, right?

I survived a raging menstrual migraine tonight-head still feels sore, but at least I’m more like myself now. I really need to do an audio post-I  hate NOT speaking to U…I suck at typing and writing at the moment-much better at speaking…actually that’s a lie-words don’t come as easily as they should, so  most sentences are full of either thingy or whatchamacallit, but still, I like to speak…not just to hear myself either-it simply seems more effective somehow-and you think so too, or at least U say U do.

I’m in love with a new Stray-a gorgeous black feline with very large white paws. He/She (who knows?) likes me too-enough to scale the walls and climb to our second floor balcony-then again, maybe it was hunger and not me that motivates the climb…either way- for now  Cat appears at the door every night, where he/she is greeted with food, water and lots of fussing…lucky cat, eh? I’d love to invite Cat indoors and give it a proper home, but my tiny place is already bursting at the seams with books, books, books, shoes, clothes I’ll never wear and countless dolls who are buried in the dark of  an overstuffed closet…and more books.

Thinking about what to do for Halloween…should I bother dressing up? I could do a Virgin Mary or a Mary Magdalene look, but that’s so cliche and I’ve done the whole Magdalene thing for so long-so maybe something else?? I’d like to say something sweet like Snow White-but let’s face it- I’m too Wicked Queen to be Snow White…Once, I played Virgin Mary in a church play (I used to go for the free cookies and Kool-Aid). I was 12 or 13 and had stayed up all night the night before the play (no surprise, huh?)…the entire church was lit only by candles and a quiet piano record was playing in the background…sitting there in the warm, dim room in my mother’s cozy blue bath robe, my eyes soon grew heavy and within minutes I’d dozed off, letting go of baby Jesus, (who was actually played by my doll that I’d tattooed when I was 3) who fell to the hardwood floor with a sickening sort of thud…I snatched the naked ink-covered doll up quickly and stared at the floor for the rest of the play…I don’t remember having a single line in the play… I was just supposed to sit there and seem virginal and solemn…see what happens when I’m not allowed to speak?

Though this video is a bit wonky in the end, I still really enjoy the song-So even if you don’t care for the video, turn up the volume, close your eyes and listen-This song always puts me in a Lilith, Wild Child, Succubus, Amazonian Wicked Queen tie-him-to-the-tree-and-fuck-him-senseless (don’t ask me how that’s totally possible-just go with it) mood…is that so wrong?

Ah, the power of really awesome, sexy percussion…

Animals are always so much sweeter to me when I’m on my period- its irresistibly charming, and I adore the extra attention.

Now, off to bed to read more of Veronika Decides to Die before the sun wakes up.

Nitey Nite/Good Morning

Sweetness & such,

~Wild Thing #13

P.S. Did U know that Tiger lilies are my VERY favorite flower??


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