Yielded Nature: (WATCH THIS!!)

I asked Nile to write this post, so I wouldn’t have to fight the temptation to say a million sticky sweet things that included such references as “Look at my Baby!” (yes, even at nearly 6’2, he’s STILL my baby!), but he declined because he thinks U would rather read what I have to say, though I DID warn him that I might do a bit of bragging…he says it’s my blog and I should do what I want…but rather than bombard you with my Mommy-style fervor, I’ll play grown up and try  to stick to the facts, so that I can  give this film and both the director and actor the true credit they deserve…

Yielded Nature was filmed in July 2010 in various locations in Essex County, New Jersey . It was shot within a two-day period by Alessandro Ivo Bricoli, who also edited and partially conceptualized the film.The actor and other film conceiver  is of course my magnum opus, Nile Zam Jones, who without the help of a script managed to convey the character’s emotions beautifully…(and though he’d probably disagree, that’s not just me bragging like a mommy-when you watch it, you’ll see what I mean.)

This film also marks Nile’s introduction into the wonderful legal system… While filming  on the grounds of the Essex County Hospital Center, largely known as (Overbrook Insane Asylum), Nile and Alex were both arrested for trespassing, which was a first for the both of them, and in my opinion, a really crummy introduction into the world of  legality (both only very recently turning 18 prior to their arrests)…Of course they were subjected to the typical police intimidation process, (which stirs the old anarchist tendencies  inside of me, but I’ll save that rant for later, since this post isn’t meant to be about me) Nevertheless, with the exception of a huge fine ($500-Nile’s first real deal debt-and a million Thank You’s to Alex and Mr. and Mrs. Bricoli for handling the fine and the legal hubbub once Nile was back home), They both still have clean records and have learned a valuable lesson: get  permission when planning to film in a location that you aren’t supposed venture ontoOverbrook seems like an amazing location which has a reputation for being haunted-due to a large death count that occurred in the buildings. (It was featured in episodes of Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters in 2008.)

Considering Nile was carrying what appeared to be a weapon, 5 cop cars and a cop bike (wtf ?)  arrived ‘at the scene’, so I’m beyond thankful that Nile didn’t make the mistake of trying to show the piggies that he was only carrying a prop-since that sort of thing has been known to tickle policemen’s trigger fingers far too often.

But enough of my ranting-watch this film-its amazing and extremely effective. I am completely certain that one day, both Alex and Nile will be successful in what they are striving to achieve professionally, and this film will be one of those priceless ‘remember when…’ memories for both of them.

Just a few more quick bits of information: Yielded Nature was shot with a T2I and was color corrected by Nicholas Torres. The camera shakiness was deliberate and there are various visual alterations that take place throughout the duration of the film. The gas mask Nile wore was a 1970 GP5 40 mm Soviet Civilian gas mask and the lack of a filter was likewise deliberate. I am told that the guys’ arrest (the mention of that word still makes me cringe) came around 07:10 into the film and yes, the sweat from the gas mask is real….and you’re right-he does look a bit like his Mother ;D


Maternally Preening,

~Momma 13

 Nile Zam


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