“My Ghost Inside You, Soon Will Be…”

Unbelievably busy week and that’s not an exaggeration…I’ve seriously not had a single day to catch up (which would explain why you haven’t had an email from me if I owe you one). Today was the slowest of the week, which was hugely spent doing homemade Szechuan beef, so I’m still waiting for some me time….Tomorrow will hopefully be a bit easier-except for the fact that I have to slave over laundry, since life hasn’t handed me a maid, (at least not for the past decade), but other than laundry I’m hoping to finally catch up on some of the things I actually want to do…then Wednesday is another hectic day-early doctor’s appointment  (checkup for Nile), and then probably hanging out with two of my three nieces for a bit…(I’m a very popular Auntie, ya know!) then the rest of the week shall be spent doing fun things…like testing new ‘wet mops’ for cash…No, I’m NOT joking-and yes it IS fun for weirdos like me-especially since I actually won’t be doing the mopping.

I have something I REALLY want to post-something I REALLY want to brag about, but I have to wait until tomorrow,  so I can get all the facts accurate-details like film locations and such-and then I’ll show you  something incredible and explain WHY I really dislike New Jersey Police, (even more than my usual distaste for authority-gluttonous pigs).

Sorry for my slow emails, but by the way- good news: my cold is gone (just in time to clear the way for a RAGING case of PMS-joy!), but my voice is finally back to normal(?) and I hope to be doing an audio post by the weekend.

Remember to check back here on Tuesday evening, because I have something I really, really, really want to show U!

P.S. Here’s one of my favorite songs… and as always its all about the lyrics, kiddos, (though the music is awesome too)  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song!!



(These lyrics are not totally accurate, but perhaps they’ll help you out a little if you have NO clue what they are… the original song was Sex City by Van She and in my opinion, Crystal Castles have worked a miracle with this song.)


In the dark, come out and play
We are its children, here to stay
Running through the streets, Hungry for strays
No invitation,take me away
I’m not cruel, But that’s still what you see
Club to club, Come on the city with me
Hungry for life, Without your pity
I don’t want it, but you give it

You still can’t say she won’t start up,
You still can’t say she won’t start up a fight
You go the city
‘Cause in the city of life she can’t, she can’t wait

In the darkness, A killer awaits
To kill a life, life from me
You do another, So death can live
Just keep on dancing to the movie you’re in
The smell of your sweat lures me in
Your heartbeat does things to me
Running feet beats through my blood
My ghost inside you, Soon will be

You still can’t say she won’t start up,
You still can’t say she won’t start up a fight
You go the city
‘Cause in the city of life she can’t, she can’t wait

Hungry for strays, hungry for life, no invitation to pity

I don’t want sex but you give it

Now it’s over, You’ve taken a life
The dark grows thin, And I’m left to hide
I don’t regret it, But it’s sad anyway
Now we’re both dead, And too scared of the black
This life of games, And diligent trust
It’s the things we do and the things we must
I’m now tired of being cursed
So go to sleep forever into dust


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