Done W/the UNfun & Gen X vs. Gen Y?

Just a quickie to let U know I’m very much alive again…and coming ’round slowly but oh so surely. I’m working on a proper blog entry about the discussion I had earlier tonight about generations (Gen X and Gen Y)…interesting chat since most of the time I feel that I’m actually part of the same generation as my kiddo, until a subject comes up that we both disagree on and then I realize how different we really can be…Anyway, I thought I’d post some pics of my poor sad infusion…not that its super gross or anything, not really. I did it for 3 days-and having something stuck in your vein for  over 72 hours is pretty odd, and makes doing normal things like sleeping very tricky-just thought you’d like to see it-or maybe not, but anyway here you go. By the way, I’m back on my feet and walking….WALKING!!! Did a mile in the rain yesterday for a Sunday paper in hopes of finding a new place to live…it was a hellish walk and I had to carry my twisty black cane, which I really dislike doing and my walk consisted of walking …or stepping over things like dead turtles and bizarre, bright green slime that oozes out of the wall near the strange place (makeshift hospital?) where crazy people live…but I did it-though every step hurt…Anyway, I’ll  leave something new Tuesday night/Wednesday morning-unless life steps in and interrupts…like it has a tendency to do.

Hugs and thank U for the emails, I WILL reply!!


Notice my funky ‘armsock’, meant to stop me from accidentally ripping it out and my cute bottle of  magic (aka one of three doses of methylprednisolone) Click on them for a better look!


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