“I Wish We Could’ve Gone Blue”… OR “Would You Erase ME?”

Hair has been lightened…twice (actually one and a half times to be exact) to soften the black, so I have raging orange-red hair atm with very blonde roots…Thanks for the input about the color a few entries ago- though the majority of you said ‘black’ although it was already black and had been since August and I said I needed a change…In the end a lush, dark red won out, at least for the next month or so…Last night, I remembered that I still had a great Manic Panic blue begging to be used…so I thought it over as I was sleeping (and yeah, I do think while I sleep…it sometimes stops the nightmares) and I wondered if having gorgeous blue hair was worth the hassle it’d give me, since I’m still  living in Helltown…Considering I’m on foot everywhere I go and I’m a mom (I know he’s 17 and not officially a ‘kid’ anymore, but still, I never want him to see his mom being harassed by hardcore ‘Deliverance’ hillbillies), I wondered if my freedom of personal expression was worth the risk of getting bothered by yokels in Ford pick-ups…I’d finally decided about an hour ago that it was indeed worth the hassle-only to find that there really isn’t enough in the bottle of dye to go blue after all…I could order some, but with my ever-changing mood, I’m sure that by the time it arrived, I’d have completely gone off the idea of blue. So for now we are going ‘Hibiscus’…  Still, the roots are so light, it reminds me of a brief three month stint of temporary insanity when I went Champagne blonde while rocking very long Godiva-ish braids and curls…Funny that  it attracted loads of positive attention from those same pick-up truck driving men that would hassle me for my Manic Panic Blue, and that unwanted attention slapped me back into reality, out of the Champagne Blonde and back into Black w/ awesome blue streaks.  I’d show you a picture, but I was really hideous-like I usually feel, so forget about it. However, once I’ve gone dark red, I’ll probably do some new pictures, hideous or not.

No, I HAVEN’T forgot about the audio post, and thanks for getting ‘excited’ about hearing my voice again (believe me, it does lots of really nice things for my sad  little ego). I just haven’t found the quiet time to do it-along with the rowdy Neanderthals that hover around our front door banging on things and enjoying numerous daily yelling matches, I also have my pc in a very public place, and I would feel oh so self conscience sitting here recording while Daniel and Nile gave me funny looks or something…Of course if my swell internet pals would band together and donate to my worthy cause, I could finally get the laptop I So need and then I’d  do audios all the time…and perhaps a bit of Vlogging too, if the web cam didn’t totally suck…anyway, as soon as I get the chance, I’ll do an audio and ramble on about all sorts of odds and ends…If you really want to spend a half hour or so of your life listening to me do that sort of thing. I can promise you, I should be doing the audio within the next week…definitely-and that’s a real-deal Pinkie Promise, k?

Here’s the video of the day. When this came out, my ex-bff couldn’t believe that I could like this  song, considering that  I’d actually  had someone  climb through my kitchen window, rummage through my refrigerator and then, while dressed in my bathrobe, clean my apartment for me…no, I’m not kidding. Still, obsessiveness can be a good thing sometimes, right? Which is something I’ve wanted to ask you about for a while now…I’m curious about what you consider harmless and harmful obsession and what sort of obsessions you’ve had. Maybe I’ll ramble on about that when I ‘catch up with you’ in the audio post. [there’s more  after the  video, so don’t dare stop reading yet!] AND watch the video-it does a great job at adding to the ‘creep’ factor of the song-which has brilliant lyrics, so pay CLOSE attention to them, because I very well could quiz you. And if you dare, let me know what you think of them…I’m wondering how many of you will find them sort of hot in a way…or am I the only twisted one amongst us? Considering some of the feedback you’ve given, I hardly think I am.

Today the sun was very …bold…though its still freezing. U can feel Spring coming…only 16 more days, Dolls… and the whole dreaded winter episode will have passed and the world will be smiling again…sort of.

Have a great Thursday-if there IS such a thing, and keep sending me those wonderful emails…I may be very slow in responding, but they really are much appreciated-like a lovely message in a bottle 4 me.

Hugs, love and lots of other really good things that I can’t think of at the moment…Oh wait-like ice cream and really good jazz, and a really nice home-cooked meal and a really, really loooooong hug and the way it feels when you know you are loved and won’t ever be forgotten…Ok, U get the picture. Shutting up now.

~13 (aka Clementine Kruczynski)

P.S. I chose part 2 because that’s one of my favorite parts, but you’re right,this is a great clip, and I love the lyrics to the song they’ve used… thanks for the link!


3 Replies to ““I Wish We Could’ve Gone Blue”… OR “Would You Erase ME?””

  1. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your
    blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any suggestions for rookie blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.

  2. The lyrics are definitely hot, ‘Message in a Bottle’ is awesome (although I think ‘Bring on the Night‘ is my favourite), the blue is nice but the red’s gonna be awesome and as for obsession… I’ll have to think about that – I’m watching someone’s every move at the moment 😉

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