Officially snowed in now…there’s no longer a sidewalk, only massive piles of snow (about 3 feet!) where the sidewalk used to be, so I can’t go anywhere…my mind is slipping into panic mode…maybe we’ll run out of food before the snow and sleet and crazy wind is finished with their violent gang banging and we’ll have to start sizing up the neighbors. Actually, never mind, the neighbors all look septic and gamey…maybe the large orange Garfield cat next door will make a nice…OK, never mind-there’s a more serious issue at hand:

I am tempted to order  hair color-since I can’t leave the house and have had black hair since August…I think it’s time for a change-so what color should I do? (Nope, while I CAN order hair color, I can NOT apparently order food-so Garfield may be Sunday roast if it doesn’t stop snowing)

Don’t be silent on this one, guys-I really DO want your opinion, and don’t dare give me the ‘If it ain’t broke’ bit either. What about a  warm brown? Or a fiery red?

Off to sleep now, finally. Someone, make the ugly snow go away and bring Spring to me, please.

sleeeeeeeepy hugs,


P.S. Don’t worry, no cats will be harmed during the Winter of my effing discontent…I love cats-so Garfield will be safe…but I’m not so sure about his plump owner ;D


2 Replies to “SOS!!!!!!”

  1. Ey Lucia! I don’t think my advice will be of any help, because of my colorblindness, but i think you should go for some kind of brown 😉 Here it’s snowing too, but not that 3 feet! Good luck with the weather!

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