What IS he thinking??

I’m really trying to work my way back into blogging again, so I’m making the effort to update frequently, even though the updates aren’t very detailed or  interesting…Let’s just call this Practice, ok?

Today was another day that I didn’t do emails, nor did I do very much as far as productivity goes…Well, that isn’t entirely true…my head is totally busy with a particular character from one of my main stories at the moment. Originally, I wasn’t planning on giving him so much focus. Sure, from what’s already been written, you come to know him, which of course means you grow to love him-though maybe  I’m biased because  I love him so much, but originally you were meant to know him mainly through his interaction with the main character. However, over the past few weeks, he’s demanded  more attention-needing a bit of his own story to be told, so that’s where I am at the moment…  sitting quietly and observing…taking  notes and waiting for him to speak. The most interesting thing about this is that though I feel I already knew him fairly well (well enough to love him), I’m discovering new  aspects of his personality now and it isn’t always so easy, because though he’s demanding to be known, he isn’t exactly spilling his story so willingly, which means I have to work for it just a little…luckily, I don’t mind working for it sometimes…

So, I’ve spent the past few days gently poking and prodding this character… getting inside of him, to see what’s really making him tick; Wondering about the way he would watch the main character as she spoke to him, how willingly he would smile when he was pleased with her and how willingly he would express his frustration when he wasn’t so pleased. ..I’ve even discovered  the way he would slightly tilt his head as she spoke to let her know he was listening to her attentively…its actually a lot of fun at the moment, though something in me is yearning  to give him a subtle push, so we can move on with the story…

Other than getting inside Carlos’ head, I’ve done very little and probably nothing exciting enough to blog about…my injection was a doozy today-it was an arm injection and the arm injections really, really suck. And though I can usually deal with the injections, the arm injections sometimes hurt enough to not just make me a bit pissed, but enough to actually hurt my feelings. And though I try really hard to psyche myself up for the pain, I also try to think positive thoughts, because there have been times when the arm injections have been surprisingly easy and not so painful. But I still always manage to be taken by surprise at just how much they hurt most of the time. …And I have to go out tomorrow which I really don’t feel like doing-and I’ll explain why in a blog entry I’m working on  about how I nearly was ravaged by two canine beasts last week, which actually bothered me enough to phone the police which were as useless as ever (Protect and Serve? RIIIIIGHT), but I’ll save it for now…and yes I DID say ravaged and No, of course I’m not exaggerating-have you ever known of ME to exaggerate….EVER????

So, there…I’m posting again…and before you know it, we may be back into the swing of blogging, and  you may feel the need to tell me what a vital part of your day/evening my rambling entries are for you…and you may feel inspired to donate to the LET’S GIVE LUCI HER OWN, SHINY NEW(or shiny used laptop-she isn’t spoiled anymore, ya know!) LAPTOP SO SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO SIT IN A VERY UNCOMFORTABLE CHAIR AS SHE TYPES HER HEART OUT FOR YOU foundation.

By the way, this is DEFINITELY the song for the day…or week, or even month. BRILLIANT lyrics!!!

OK, I’m sleepy and it’s time for a really warm shower and then a stint between my oh so lovely sheets where I pray I shall have good dreams for a change: sweet, wicked, boring-I don’t care as long as they aren’t miserable nightmares again. Another bad dream and Morpheus gets a taste of my rage!!!

Hugs & Sticky Sweet Stuff,



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