Time To Pretend?

Ever have one of those days when  nothing you plan to do actually happens? Like a dream where you’re running in place? That was my sort of day today- no writing, no emails, nothing…just wondered through my day in a freezing fog-maybe because it IS freezing  right now….I think it’s time for a nice warm shower, then getting  comfy between my beloved soft, scarlet sheets…Here’s one of the songs I love to fall asleep to….and I love the video too-don’t ask me why…figure it out for yourself, guys.

OK, off to end this useless day. Wish me sweet dreams, please. Nitey-Nite!

Luv & Sweetness,



One Reply to “Time To Pretend?”

  1. Why sweet dreams? Why not add salt to your dreamy diet? Have some salty dreams! Then you’ll get thirsty.. and need have to… (you saw it ‘coming’).. wet dreams… followed by heavy showers and winds up to 50 miles an hour…

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