The Unexpected (Audio Post)

Hello U,

Here’s an update on what’s been going on in my world.

Big, Big Hugs & Lots of Love,



One Reply to “The Unexpected (Audio Post)”

  1. Me? Forget about you?!! Huh! I am so glad you are okay… you’re going to be alright. The intensity of how things are getting worse in a weird way lately is actually making me more optimistic for you. Think of all the ‘unexpected’ stuff as: Closure: The Movie.

    Think of everything happening recently as older chapters being closed… at last! Your take on writing projects being like children that you don’t want to see grow up and leave home… sort of hit close to home.. no pun.

    And finally, this wouldn’t be a comment from yours truly without an anagram of “The Unexpected”…. “Pee The Next Cud”.

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