Dear Mister WordPress,

This isn’t a completely easy thing to say to you (actually I’m sorta lying about that and it IS kinda easy), but I feel that I should give you a heads up– just in case things really change in the next few days (or weeks) [and I’m totally certain things will definitely change]. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been coming around so much lately-and NO, that isn’t completely because of you….not really, but it isn’t like you’ve made me want to come around so much anymore either. I mean, we’ve been close for nearly two years, right? (Well, more like a year and a half, though who’s really counting), but I think this relationship has just ran its course. It’s not that I necessarily want to leave you-sometimes I actually don’t mind things like routines and familiarity…and you have watched patiently and listened intently as I pounded out countless drafts about all sorts of things-so you’ve served some really good purposes… well, most of them at least…But you wrongfully gave me grief about audio files-forcing me to rely on third party sites, rather than just handling things like MP3s yourself-and the fact that I can’t do video entries (like I plan on doing in the future) UNLESS I get a ‘paid account’  honestly really pissed me off-so there’s been things that have bothered me for some time now-but I’ve faked a smile and tried accepting these little hangups as part of your conservative personality and probably would have continued to do so if I wouldn’t have stumbled across something new by accident a few nights ago; something that looks as if he may fit my needs a bit better-(actually much better) than you do. He seems much quicker, reliable and he’s not limiting with his themes the way you are. As a matter of fact, he allows for all sorts of experimentingplaying with things-which means that within a few days I may have a yummy pink n’ black theme-like I’ve SO wanted you to give me for so long-rather than always playing it safe (mundane) and keeping things ‘nice’ (boring) and serious (blah) like you’ve always wanted me to. He’s really fun…even sort of adventurous… like a man who isn’t afraid to let a woman dress him and do him up, (even if he ends up looking completely foolish). It’s all definitely more exciting than you-sitting there smirking behind your black and white (with the occasional mild blue and green- gasp!) themes.

I would like to say that this isn’t your fault, (but  I’d sorta be lying if I did, wouldn’t I?) You just refused to move forward-evolve a little like I needed you to-refusing to give me the simple, easy things I’ve so wanted from you.

So, if you’d like to see what I’m probably (almost definitely) leaving you for- have a lookbut be sweet, because we’re in the VERY early stages of things and I’ve not had the chance to really sink my teeth and nails into him and mold him into what I want him to be in order to perfectly serve my needs and desires.

So there-I’ve given you the ‘Dear John’…But who knows, maybe he’ll fail me somehow or I’ll become bored (though I doubt it) and I’ll come stomping back to the ‘Underground’ before the first snowfall…After all, you know me (at least you think you do)- I’m a  picky, moooooody woman and it doesn’t take much to make me change my mind or my feelings-so maybe the familiarity you and I share will win out and I’ll leave Mr Tumblr, (despite that he seems oh so capable of handling my pink n’ black desires) and I’ll come back to you…time will tell, right? (But please don’t hold your breath, Honey)

And just think of the positive aspects of our split-I’ll most definitely be happier with the ease of posting via Tumblr, so I’ll be posting random bits lots more-and you’ll still have your kazillion other WordPress bloggers to play with, right?

P.S. For the next few days, I may be a devilish two-timer and play with both of you until he’s better prepared to handle me-I hope you don’t mind, Sweetie…


Lucia13, in Real-Time

P.S. If you’re reading this, maybe U should get a Tumblr account too-even if you only blog ONCE a year or something…U could always use it for tiny, random things instead of blog  entries….Seriously, it’s a bit quiet over there during my settling in phase and I’d love the company…


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