Hello U,

I’ve been working on an audio entry, but finding the opportune time to record is a bit difficult at the moment. I think it’d be easier to actually tell you what I’ve been going through for the past several months, rather than typing (I’m a lazy typer, remember?) If you’ve emailed me or messaged me while I was hiding away feeling sorry for myself and then actually making the effort to come to terms with certain things, I’ll be emailing you over the weekend. I really appreciate the feedback and I love you bunches and bunches-seriously-you’ve been awesome and it’s really helped kicked my ass back into place, whatever that is.

The weather’s getting dreadful and I’m not dealing with the cold very well-ughh, it’s already in the 40’s-tell me, what happened to autumn? Off to hunt down and viciously slay Jack Frost before the whole winter thing comes any closer…Or maybe I’ll just have a shower and fall sleep instead, who knows.

“La La Love you-don’t mean maybe”,

~ 13


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