Stumbling Toward Oz

Where’s the Wizard when U need him?

Repeat song of the week



2 Replies to “Stumbling Toward Oz”

  1. Hey!

    Hang in there. Don’t worry about the daily stuff. Just try to relax (I know that it must be very hard) and I’m sure that there are a lot of great supportive people around you so keep them close.

    Do NOT lose hope. We live in a century where science moves at the speed of light. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you from all the way here in Bulgaria 🙂

    I’ve never uploaded songs before but we all learn sooner or later. Here is one very beautiful and powerful Bulgarian song:

    It’s called Magicians by Roberta. Absolutely impossible for me to translate the lyrics in a way they’ll make sense in English but it’s about “the world around us and the power of our will”. I had to listen to it after hearing your update. Hope you like it.

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