Friday Night quickie

I had a really good day today-nothing out of the ordinary, but I took the time to do some things I’ve wanted to do for a while…and it was one of those days when the hours pass slowly…slow enough to get things done, that is.

I’m trying to make this a quickie, because I’m off to a party tomorrow…No, it’s not  the sort of party where I get lost in conversation about the glory of Antonin Artaud- it’s my mother’s 60th birthday party…Once upon a time, I could take  her out to a wonderful dinner and perhaps a fabulous museum exhibit, making sure that everyone in the room knew it was MY mother’s birthday…Now, my presence at her party IS the present-let’s hope it’s enough…I’m no good with this sort of social to-do …I’ll just stay very close to N&D and eye-smile a lot, and hope no one notices me at all…I mean, what DO I say to relatives that I haven’t see in years? Should I discuss my writing projects, or my tiny voice acting endeavors? MS? No, those things won’t do in this sort of situation, so what’s left?  The weather, of course.

Ok, I really have to go to bed-but one more thing-Who’s the woman that inspires me in so many ways??? No, we aren’t talking about Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, nor  Mary Magdalene. The one woman who I can refer to myself as a “fan”of is Elizabeth Taylor, of course! Well, guess what? She’s on Twitter…and yes, it’s the REAL Elizabeth! When I discovered this, I think I may have actually made a squeaking sound-and believe me, very few people make me squeak aloud! So sometimes when I read her tweets, I find myself saying “wow, yeah-you’re absolutely right: Life really is empty without Earrings!”

Ok, so that’s my random geek girl confession for the week…Still, you have no idea how great it is to read something that she  feels like saying.

Now,  what are the odds of convincing her to adopt me??

Ok, I really need to go to sleep…Nitey-Nite!



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