Time for a word with the Dream King

It’s one of those days when I’d love to say something interesting, but I’m really sleepy and honestly, I’ve felt pretty lousy for the past few days…blame it on a lovely cocktail of sporadic sleeping, (sometimes going 30+ hours without stopping and at other times, sleeping 14+ hours at once and even then  finding it difficult to drag myself out of bed), and of course that not so wonderful little curse: MS… By the way, I finally found the nerve to make an appointment with the neurologists, thanks to a bit of  gentle nudging from my Magnum Opus, (Nile)…looks like someone needs his Mom to stick around for a long while afterall-despite the occasional teenage angst (his, not mine-mine isn’t ‘occasional’)

So, I’m really focusing on facing things…facing that this is real,(which became a kazillion times more real when I was on the phone making the appointment) and accepting what I can and can not change in my world. I’ll be going bright and early (10 a.m.- ugh!) on Friday, July 3 to see Dr. A., so wish me good luck, because this is not something I’m at all looking forward to…But unlike my last trip to the neuro 3 years or so ago, I’ll be better prepared and now that I know for sure what we’re dealing with, things will be much more focused, and I’ll find out what I can do to slow the MonSter down and spend more time living, rather than merely existing. And hopefully living means getting on with the countless projects that are currently collecting dust.

I’ve not done emails in days and days, which I plan to do tomorrow-so if it’s my turn, you’ll be hearing from me soon. Hopefully tonight, I’ll actually get real sleep and not spend my night smashing zombie skulls, while trying really hard to not to be bitten by one…sounds like a pretty average video game, I know-but it makes for really, really bad dreams, believe me. Maybe I need to have a word with the Dream King or something?

Ok, I thought I’d leave a new picture, and I’ll spare you most of my opinions on what I think of it-but it’s brand new, so as U can see, I’m still alive-just feeling totally exhausted right now and so lazily ‘unglam’…and the picture quality is dreadful, I realize-though I’m not really sure how that happened…anyway, it was actually ‘Son-approved’, which says leaps and bounds, and I’m quite sure he’s happy that it isn’t ‘too provocative’, which is something he recently accused his Mom of being (Me? Provocative?) So here ya go- a kind, gentle, kid-friendly, Sweet, Non-Provocative Lucia…ugh!


Hugs & all that yummy stuff,





                         “Slacker-girl 13”

           ….At least the smile’s real this time…


2 Replies to “Time for a word with the Dream King”

  1. Thanks for crossing your fingers for me, and thanks for the picture compliment too 🙂
    I’ve found that ‘sweet smiles’ and ‘cuddles’ can do some serious ‘provoking’ sometimes 😉

  2. Hey, keeping my fingers crossed for your appointment with the doctor. Hope all goes well.

    Beautiful picture by the way. Maybe not too provocative but sometimes the cuddly, hugable, smiling pictures are better 🙂

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