Above My WHAT?

Okay, here ya go-and the background noise comes to you compliments of Team Have Not, which you are seconds away from having the pleasure of hearing all about. At the moment, I believe they’re trying to build a fire by banging a few stones together in the courtyard of the apartment complex, Joy!

….and yes, gum is tightly clenched in the cheek , like always-Enjoy!


P.S. Forgive the terrible editing and the sleepy voice-I’m much too tired to be doing this right now.

Above My What?

Hugs & Tugs!


No offense intended for:Monstrous perv Chiropractors that really didn’t go ‘too far’ (RIP Dr.S), Snotty-nosed tykes that can’t keep up with subtitled movies (practice, practice, my Sweets-you’ll be fine, but wipe your nose already!), Smart-assed teens in really bad situations who are Oh-so-aware that they ARE better than the situation they’re currently sinking in:(U really will rise, rise rise above it!!) Farmers’ sons that smell like pigs due to the work they do (hard work is really sexy-even if it makes you smelly-it’s ALL good…as long as you aren’t mean to weird girls), Doctors who feel passionate enough to yell, (as long as they don’t terrify young patients with their dark predictions), People who live in trailers or trailer parks, God (if he doesn’t actually ‘target’ trailers for potential tornadic activity), People who pronounce ‘ing’ as ‘en’,(unless your MY ex-stepfather-then it’s one of the million things I really loathe about you-even now), Neighbors who do NOT litter and who do NOT have yelling conversations while neglecting the fact that they may actually be disturbing other people, Anyone who knows me well enough to realize I’m usually being tongue in cheek (what a tasty-sounding phrase huh?), and am not always 100% serious about the things I say, People who can appreciate and perhaps even embrace a little thing called satire…Oh, and of course those ‘women who are far too ‘self-absorbed’ and shamelessly promote themselves with an ‘air of self importance’…cheers to you big time, fellow self-promoters!!

Offense WELL intended for:
Bullies who take the piss at ambiguous people, Stepfathers who attempt to criticize their stepchildren destructively, Neighbors who scratch & sniff in public (especially under the spotlight of a very revealing streetlight), Neighbors that spy on the new neighbors and then bitch when they see unfavorable behaviour from the new riff-raff (shame on you for spying, Luci Ann!), Perv doctors that actually go too far with their naive patients, Neighbors who wrongfully judge others because they aren’t like the rest of the ‘natives’, Twisted people that feel the need to remind me that “God Don’t like ugly”, Anyone who doesn’t GET That I’m totally yanking your tangled chain and who don’t realize you really shouldn’t always take me so seriously..and Tony, ‘just a fellow’ who really ‘dislikes women who shamelessly promote themselves with an air of self importance’ Wow-I just consumed even MORE of your ‘valuable’ time, Mr. Just a Fellow Tony (Resistance is so bloody futile, isn’t it? I bet U love it & U KNOW it )


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