“…And her jokes attract the ‘lucky bad type’…”

Hello U,

‘Member me? I’ve been stranded for the past week without internet. Who would’ve known that a DVD burner could stop a computer, two computers in fact, from connecting to a wireless network? Anyway, the problem’s been solved, and I now have a new old pc-with nearly 3 times as much hard drive space, so I’m a happy little pirate once again. I really want to do an audio, but I have a million things to download and set up, so hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll be able to vocally answer some  questions & thank U for some really sweet comments, like this one:

So, there’s been nothing from Dark Lucia for a while now. On Wednesday, I found myself drinking caffeinated coffee on the way to work again rather than listening to your voice or your current “repeat” song to get the blood pumping. If this keeps up I’ll either have to call in sick or switch to the hard stuff to make it through the morning. Come back “13”!  (Josef)

That’s very cool to hear. I’m here again, but call in sick anyway-unless you have a six figure income or something…and in that case, share the wealth with us less than six digit starving artists, or help me find a way to get paid for doing whatever it is I do that gets the blood pumping…Once upon the time, the Army wanted me to be a DJ (seriously), but I couldn’t fake morale boosting then nearly as well as I can now…I still think an early morning radio show would be really sweet, sometimes-as long as I didn’t have to wake up early…Perhaps it could be an end of my night gig or prerecorded?

Anyway, here’s the song that’s been stuck in my head since yesterday morning,-when I really wanted to hear it, but had NO idea where the mp3 was hiding in our MP3 discs, and honestly I was a bit too chicken to get out of bed and come looking for it, but that’s a long story, so I’ll spare U the details for now. Have a listen and if you haven’t heard it yet, then perhaps it’s because it’s older than some of you are…But it’s still brilliant, and the lyrics are Oh So Appealing, for some reasonor another.

I’ve missed U.


Smile, seriouslytry it, U might really like it!

BIG Hugs and Sugary Sweet kisses…or something (?)



Passion of Lovers (Bauhaus)

She had nut-painted arms
that were hers to keep,
and in her fear,
She sought cracked pleasures.
the passion of lovers is for death, said she
Licked her lips,
and turned to feather.

And as I watched from underneath,
I came aware of all that she keep
the little foxes, so safe and sound
they were not dead,
they’d gone to ground.

the passion of lovers is for death, said she
the passion of lovers is for death

She breaks her heart
Just a little too much
And her jokes attract the lucky bad type
As she dips and wails,
And slips her banshee smile,
She gets the bigger of the better to the letter

the passion of lovers is for death said she
the passion of lovers is for death


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