This isn’t a REAL post-just an extended Tweet. But most of you aren’t on Twitter, so I’ve come over here- to give U more than the bloody 140 character limit will allow… Back on my crazy schedule-as if I ever really left it…Listening to Pixies, which I NEVER grow tired of:

‘No more of this girl cryin’
I’m here, your big man
You’re mine

Is she weird, is she white
Is she promised to the night
And her head has no room’


Sunday was lazy and non-productive. But I’m entitled to a lazy day once in a while, right?

Frank, it’s Fantastic to hear from YOU again-where’d U run off to? It’s been nearly half a year! I Hope you’re doing great-U should email me sometime. And YES, Rorschach. I love Rorschach, though that really doesn’t make sense considering

OK, off to play with this and thats…and yes, even more music samples

Hope everyone has a Happy Monday-whatever the Hell that really is. At least it’s a holiday, right?

‘black tear falling on my lazy queen’…



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