Out With The Old, In With The BLUE

We SO needed to change the theme, and the furry hood photo is gone too. Blue is the color of the moment in the Underground, so blue it shall be- until we get decent photos and find new ways of making the free blog themes really jump out at ‘cha…so better not hold your breath, Darlings for another change anytime soon.

Wasn’t intentionally ignoring anyone on Messenger earlier, just forgot it was still open while I wasn’t around.  Phone/cable guy came yesterday-he looked exactly like Flea (as in Chili Peppers’ Flea) if Flea were a cable guy, that is… He was extremely friendly and everything looked and sounded great. Then he went away and 20 minutes later, everything stopped working, so we played phone tag with a rep that was absloutely clueless ( I had to remind her that I should perhaps ‘turn on the power’ at one point when she was doing a failed fix-it walkthrough) and now we have to wait until Wednesday to get a replacement. WEDNESDAY-8 effing A.M.! I really think I’m a jinx.period.

Anyway, we still have the shiny new phone service-though I’ve had the ringer off the whole time, mainly because I forgot to turn it on…Ok, off to tinker with words and sounds, and the sounds aspect can be dangerous for those of us who still enjoy groups like Nitzer Ebb sometimes-don’t tease, cuz U KNOW U like it too! 

OR, maybe I’m just trying to fool myself into believing I’m not the only one who listens to Nitzer Ebb sometimes….Wait a sec-listen to this-it’s really good! It’s actually from the Muscle and Hate tribute cd-but U get the idea…(“You don’t need me, I’ll slip away. You can’t hear me, I’m not the same…Control, I’m here!”)


Your Funky Blue Girl


BTW, Thanks to safetycopy (“lower case letters, please!”) for the new header!


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