Keeping Up With The Lees??

Spent far too many hours sleeping in a right-sided fetal postion-my favorite position…sleep position ya’ pervs!

Sleep was great for the most part-especially after 35+ hours of manic playtime. I was so out of my head before I gave up and finally went to bed, saying things like ‘going to the ocean’, rather than ‘going to the shower’, and everything seemed incredibly giggle-worthy to me….U would have probably enjoyed it. Maybe next time I’ll write a post when I’m so deliriously sleep-deprived and you can figure out what I’m really trying to say?

And I had this dream: I was in China, in a Jeep with Daniel and his family, and we were looking for Bigfoot, and his mother, who was no longer a sweet, wonderfully calm lady from Cornwall, was reeeeaaallly yelling at me, with help from my sister-in-law, in really angry sounding Chinese. They were apparently blaming me for forcing  D. to search for Bigfoot and they weren’t at all happy to be along for the ride…The trees were covered in grass rather than leaves and there were invisible animals ripping handfuls of the grass from the limbs and eating it loudly, and all the while I’m thinking “Wow, I SO wish I could have some of that grass too!”. Bigfoot finally jumped at us through the trees, looking MUCH different than the American BF…He  moved & sounded like Bruce Lee on a crazy protein buzz  and actually began morphing into Bruce  after a few minutes of chasing the jeep, which I kept trying to stop by using my foot as a brake-Flintstones style, so I could get a better look at Bigfoot Lee.

What provoked this one? I did catch a few minutes of Bruce Lee on tv a few nights ago…and  Brandon Lee saying “Nothing is Trival” comes to mind far too often to feel trival, especially when I’m fighting sleep, or when I’m deep conditioning my hair (Don’t ask me WHY…It’s not MY fault ™).

 …and I’ve not had green veggies for a very long time…and Bigfoot is seriously splashing around in my familial gene pool-(I would bet ya’ money on that one, look I can get ya the pictures people-U wouldn’t believe the reunions I dare not attend!).

Today…this evening, is about fun stuff-like bad drum machines, loops, Jack the Ripper, and B&W ‘cult’ movies (the word cult gets thrown around too easily…like most words, or…infamous pregnant pauses).

And maybe I should consider a real dinner…with green veggies or something tonight. Or perhaps I should email  Mum-in-law…after that dream, I’d not want to be told off by her anytime soon. 

I’ll probably update later…maybe add a touch of blue to the page…Now, go have fun guys, it’s Saturday!!!

~Miss Dreaming 13


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