“Isn’t there a kitten stuck up a tree somewhere?”

EDIT. Jack’s Been Dreaming Again…The title finally made up its mind..



Here I am…and I’m fine, honest. Just waiting on a few links at the moment.

 Today felt like Purgatory…But there was open sky and gorgeous green. Tonight’s a bit better so far…lots of quiet, and I’m putting off ‘to-dos’. I actually ordered a ‘home phone’-sometime between 12-5 Friday afternoon…Icky normal junk, but a necessary evil…I even have the new number nearly memorized-which is thrilling and a bit liberating-no more asking other people to do everything for me…. It appears that someone took Grady and the other stray cats away…Perhaps it’s for the best, really. I don’t like caring about things, and I wanted him to have a real home with real owners that can look after him properly…so I’m fooling myself into believing he does now, or will soon. Still, I miss him terribly already. It’s best not to get attached, isn’t it? You’d think I’d have learned that lesson three decades ago. Somber blahs-sorry…My lifeforce has been depleted…aiming for a heavy recharge.

Writing a short story at the moment-The Dreaming of Jack…or Jack’s dreaming again…or When Jack dreams, undecided on the exact title for now. Free candy (candy=Mix CD) to the first person who correctly guesses who Jack is. And U only get one guess, ya’ cheeky devils!!

Here’s your music  for tonight…It came to me hard, like a smack in the face today while  hanging ’round in Purgatory. These lyrics should have been mine, damnit. If U know me, you’ll agree.


Maudlin… Brit-style,



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