Saturday Afternoon Quickie

I don’t usually envy other people-it’s a waste of time, right? But the people who not only do a fantastic job of bringing someone else’s work to life, but also manage to create the perfect sound for the piece, that’s a different story…I can’t create music/sounds for my work. Sure, I can kick ass in an improv rubberband jazz duo, and I’ve been told I can do a bad-ass impression of Slash-air guitar style,  but other than that, I’m musically useless right now…Not that I’ve honestly tried really, but things like Magix Music Maker drive me nuts thanks to my short-very short attention span, so…. it’s not my fault ™.

Ok, have a listen to this piece and if YOU can tell me who wrote this piece or if you’d like to guess who the performer (that does an awesome job bringing it to life) is and you get at least one of the answers correct, I’ll give you a prize…ok, prize meaning a link to a mix-CD I’ve made just for the occasion. (Mix Cds=yay!)


Also, just to waste a few more minutes of a perfectly good Saturday for U, here’s something that someone showed me (thanks to the recent pill talk)-which probably won’t make U smile nearly as much as it made me smile-especially if you aren’t a gaming sort of a person…By the way,  I’m always perfectly happy to accept nice gifts like Left 4 Dead (XBox 360)

So, that’s our Saturday Afternoon Quickie… yummy, huh?

 I’ll give U the answer to the “Know What Cats Know”  in the next ‘real’ entry.

Have a nice Saturday…Have FUN-even if that means eating ice cream and artificial cheese-flavored junk food in your undies! (just make sure you’re wearing clean undies, please-seriously, ya’ dirty birdies!)

Hugs & Tugs!


By the way…

 Answers: It was Stride gum-Spearmint. I’ve been chewing lots of it since the WDs started…(Maybe I can work out a promo deal, I’ll chew their gum everytime I feel icky or do audio entries, and they can send me truckloads of their gum?) And I haven’t done tags lately because I’ve been too lazy-but it’s sorta cool that U wanted to know. I’ll probably go back later and add tags to the  untagged entries, would that make U feel better?


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