Effing Bloody Poppadums!!

Happy Tuesday, what’cha up to???

I’m currently trying to get a spoken piece out that kept me awake until after 6 this morning…and of course I was too sleepy/lazy to get out of bed and type it or even turn on my bedside lamp and jot it down on paper…so I’m trying to sort it out in my head and get it out so I can move onto other things…The weather’s nice and I feel good today…but I’m a bit distracted…in a good way, so bear with me, k? I have all sorts of things to talk to U about-like a new blog that a fantastic writer/twitter pal has recently started (and I haven’t even told him I’ve read it yet-shows U how slooooow I’m moving right now) and there’s another blog that I’m supposed to co-author with someone about all of the interesting things (movies, music, books, games,etc) we each think are worthy of passing on to others. Unfortunately both collaborators are so preoccupied searching for all things worthy, who knows when it’ll actually be up and running. I’ll let U know if/when it is…..Later I really MUST tell U about some wonderful music that was given to me by a couple of brilliant musicians that I should have told U about over a month ago… I also want to share the coolest, most individual mother’s day card anyone could ever get-actually, it was a Mother’s Day movie created by some 17 year old genius offspring- I’m trying to figure out a way to put it up for U guys to see…Maybe on Youtube  or something?

Speaking of Sunday, I really wanted to enjoy the day-but the cold turkey thing made it very, very hard. I added far too much soy sauce to the Mongolian Beef and the poppadums-the highly anticipated  poppadums???? Wow, they were the most horrendous thing I’ve tasted in a very long time-possibly ever!!! Maybe I expected too much-I wanted them to taste as wonderful as the crispy noodles from charming little places like The Happy Dragon up the street-but instead, they smelled vile and tasted even worse-so sorry guys-they’re a no go…However, perhaps if I hadn’t felt so queasy, they may have had a chance…no, I’m totally fibbing- they suckedseriously sucked and I don’t think I would have felt any differently regardless.

But enough of my rambling… Have a listen to this song…The sound is interesting-as if it were the lovechild of The Psychedelic Furs and Bruce Springsteen or something- At first, I didn’t like it so much, but then it grew on me. Have a listen and let me know what U think.

Ok, I should stop typing and start working on the piece running round my head right now…it’s not brilliant by any means-nothing earth shattering, but since it was brave enough to keep me awake and even coax me out of bed by 10 this morning, I need to finish it, right?

Ok, shutting up for now…really…I’m going now…Bye.



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