Sunday morning…

I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s song…I knew it’d get U up and out-so you’re very welcome

 It’s Sunday….Sunday, Bloody Sunday indeed. This is only going to be a quickie because yesterday was pretty useless in most ways and I don’t have lots I should say…I got a lovely ecard this morning-which made me smile and I woke up early enough last night to watch a bit of Saturday Night Live, which was pretty good because despite anything, Justin Timberlake is really funny and I think he should  forget the whole music thing for now and become a regular on SNL …U know-there’s a strange rumor around my neck of the woods that there’s an English bloke that surely must be related to Mr. Timberlake, because not only does he somehow really resemble him (in all of the right ways, of course), but he also has the same sense of humor…Luckily his musical taste is loads better than his slightly more famous relative…weeeeelllll, usually, at least.

I have a lot going on in my busy head and I feel like typing and typing and typing, but I have to find a few Mother’s Day e-cards before it’s too late.  I’d pass on a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’  to U-but something tells me that none of you are Mothers…or wear anything above an A cup for that matter, which is perfectly fine with me-but from a D cup point of view, I feel U darling boys may be missing out on something…

I’m really not making sense, am I? It’s too early for Sensible Speak-especially when it’s being filtered through Lucia Speak..I feel really sad, which is foolish, because I’m OK…Maybe I just forget it sometimes…and the fact that I went cold turkey off the Effexor and Lamictal mid-week and its finally catching up with me (I even had my first nosebleed ever thanks to the fucking withdrawals) can’t possibly be helping my mood. Not to mention, as U probably know, I haven’t emailed anyone-I don’t want to be fake with U-to send BS niceties when U deserve so much more. I don’t handle  BS very well, so I’d rather unload my trivial stuff here in my posts, and then when I’m ok again,when I actually make sense, I’ll email U… On a positive note, I’m having Mongolian beef for brunch with Poppadoms-which I’ve never had before and I’m really looking forward to, and we’re watching a Korean horror movie called Arang, which looks very cool… Things must be ok, right?

For this morning’s musical offering, I’m giving U the PERFECT song for the way I feel right now-it’s been on repeat for the past hour or so. As usual, it’s all about the lyrics, baby.


Not quite as short as I thought it would be…..So much for quickies, huh?

Hugs and sticky sweet stuff,

Momma Lucia


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