‘Take your protein pills and put your helmet on’

Off to bed early since tomorrow is my appointment. I hate mornings! …And the idea of actually wearing something as lame as sweats is dreadful-but no metals are allowed-so its very simple baggy clothes that you’d usually never find me in-EVER! ……..Except when i have to get pictures of my brain taken, of course… Maybe I should be adventurous and take photos of my trip tomorrow?? Nope, i’ll be sleepy and nervous and looking dreadful, so forget the pics.

I got some great music today from my Twitter pal, Hernandeh (Hi Hernan!)-which was awesome and much needed and appreciated. Back in the days of pre-internet, when I was doing spoken word via phone-system thingies, my nickname (besides being  known as Magdalena) was “Beautiful Freak”, so it was nice to finally hear The Eels’ “Beautiful Freak” album. It’s those interesting connections in life that make it so sweet and worthwhile sometimes…Who would have thought 13 years later, I’d finally hear the actual song that inspired the nickname that stuck for so long? It was lovely and it made my day. Ok, shower time and then nitey-nite. I’m scared about tomorrow, but I’m putting on a really brave face-can U tell?




2 Replies to “‘Take your protein pills and put your helmet on’”

  1. Ey! It’s awesome that thing with Beautiful Freak! 😉 When I started reading your entries at the blog (specially the “About” section) I thought it will really fit to listen to that album while reading! So I guess it’s like a great coincidence, or something! Hope you enjoyed the album at last 🙂

    Also hope everything went well today!

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