The toys in my attic

I really must pull myself away from the computer, put my headphones on and play with some ideas, some half-born stories that are dying to be either fed or put to rest…My head is a playground full of characters and ideas, but they continously spin around uncontrollably like the toys in the kid’s room on the movie, Poltergeist …So, I’m off for a few hours to see what I can do-been yearning to finish a spoken piece and would love to create my own music for it-though I’m bloody useless at that right now. Have a kazillion important emails to write to really wonderful people who’ve done some very cool things for me-like send their music to me for free and others who have sent other people’s music for my listening pleasure…I’ll not go into the whole health thing, because I told U last month I wouldn’t, right? Instead, I’ll just give U a quick update,ok? I went to the doctor Wednesday and complained about the pressure I’m still having in the left side of my head (we’re on month 5 with it)…I explained about my fear of aneurisyms and he actually took me seriously, so I have to have an MRI and a MRA on Monday morning…Freaking out somewhere inside, but I also know it’ll be ok regardless-simply because it MUST be ok…I have people to love and stories to write.and music to listen to and places to travel to…Besides, he gave me a prescription of yet again-MORE antibiotics and they seem to be making something happen upstairs. I can’t tell if its really working or if it’s my positive outlook-maybe it doesn’t matter which one it is, right? Don’t look forward to seeing more lesions, but I know I’ll have to look at the disc…maybe even post some of them, because that’s the sort of freak I am…Ok, I’m pulling away from Twitter for a few hours and doing some sort of creating-even if it’s my typical dead tree sketching  I usually do when the words refuse to come…

Hugs and all that good stuff-and keep the goodies coming-even though I have been a slow-assed emailer lately-I’ll make it up, I promise.

Your lucky ~13


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