What IS under that tarp anyway?

Ah, park life…

Went to two different parks yesterday…I love swings. Stumbled upon something strange in the second park, (which reminds me of a tiny Aokigahara).  We found a secret path that led into the woods where there was a dirty tarp covering something…My delirious imagination wants to tell U there was something strange under there, but more than likely, it was something a caretaker had left….maybe? I know I should have walked up to it and taken a peek..The place is secluded and surrounded by flowering trees, perfect for escaping…or doing something U shouldn’t be doing there, if that’s your sort of thing. B invited me to go again today, But there’s things I need do today…writing, for example. I must empty the details of the story, before it slips away. Speaking of slipping away, I keep losing things…Things that were JUST here a day ago are missing…For example, my hand lotion & my favorite pen? Gone! Are the goblins holding them hostage? Maybe they’re playing tough love with me? If I write they’ll bring them back?

I’m SO addicted to Korean Horror…I’ll give U the list of the most recent films I’ve watched later, and there’s also some brilliant music to tell U about. 

 ..For now, it looks like my cereal is finally soggy enough to enjoy.

Oh, and there’s a spoken piece brewing somewhere in the Madhouse..stay tuned.



2 Replies to “What IS under that tarp anyway?”

  1. Goblins DO have hands…sort of. But they rarely wash them, so maybe U should join forces instead and skip the hand joining.

  2. I commend the goblins for their tough love tactics and might even join hands (or whatever it is goblins have) with them to push you to write. Hmmm… a blog that turns into a mystery thriller.. page turner.. or post anticipator.

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