Sick and pretty?

I know I said I’d ‘probably’ leave something more tonight-but I’m too exhausted to be any fun. So instead, I’ll try tomorrow and for now, leave U with a really slick video by Tiamat. I think Mister Johan Edlund  has a fantastic look, and let’s face it-sometimes playing rough with your friend is great fun, right? Who would’ve known that a dumptruck could somehow make me think of really hot foreplay? Maybe I’m just a  loner that sees things a bit differently than the rest of the pack, who knows?? Who cares??? Watch the damned video my angels, and stop questioning your Lucia‘s mental heath and her strange sexual behavior!! By the way, the song definitely has a Sisters of Mercy vibe, doesn’t it?

Sweet Dreams, Dolls.

freakishly yours?




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