I haven’t been online lately, as you may have noticed. I’m tending to things that need tending to, mainly me. And yes, I began taking the dreaded medicine…I didn’t really have a choice in the end.

I have planned to do an audio post for several weeks now. Maybe soon, I’ll actually find the opportunity and collect my thoughts well enough to give you a proper update-and finally catch up with U through emails. Although I’m still muddled-thanks to the medicine, I’m better than I was two weeks ago-MUCH better. Again, I’ll tell U all about it when I get the chance.

Today was wonderfully warm. Yesterday, I went walking in a nearby park… Actually spent about an hour swinging on the swings with my mother-of all people. I need more days like the past two days…Maybe we’ve kicked winter to the curb finally? If not, he’s at least definitely beginning to break and before long, he’ll just be an ugly memory. I’d really like to be somewhere else by the time late autumn comes again-If not in the real world, at least within myself. You know what I mean, I’m sure….right?



‘Repeat’ winner of the month


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