Have a look at my Twits! (aka Tweets)

Sure, the proper term is Tweets, but that isn’t half as fun as Twits, is it?


By the way, I ditched the guestbook, guys-it was a bit too…ummm, yeah, exactly.

So-I have a Twitter account. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks-after reading a few people’s Tweets -though not “officially” following any. There’s something quite nice about reading a few brief lines from people you’re actually interested in sometimes. I usually delete my own  and start all over from time to time-and until now, I’ve not mentioned it to anyone-but I’d rather use Twitter throughout the day  than do a random lengthy blog post sometimes.

That being said, I intend on doing an audio post in the very near future-perhaps the next day or two? Keep an eye and ear out, K?


 U have no idea how many times I accidentally exclude the “w” from the word “twit”! Good thing I usually remember to proofread, right?




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