I didn’t forget

Hello U,

I know I’m loooong past due for an update…Good news-I finally heard from my doctor yesterday-and the titer test for lyme was negative-which came as no surprise, since he told me it probably would be now anyway. The rest of my blood work-up came out “perfectly normal” too (except for the usual underactive thyroid-which means more Levothyroxine which means more energy!!!) [and don’t U DARE be an “I told U that U were gonna be fine” with me,ok? I can’t help that I over-worry, it’s not my fault™] For now, I’m still taking my antibiotics like a good girl, and I’m SO looking forward to the day when my blog won’t revolve around silly health-related stuff….Oh, one last health-related thing: the new ‘behavioral’ meds I’ve been prescribed are the ever popular Effexor-which I’ve heard good things about, but doubt I’ll bother with and Lamictal-which ‘may cause a fatal rash’….Ummm,so I’ll NOT be taking that! Who needs a mood stabilizer anyway, right? I’m really hoping the Manic Happy Fairy delivers a lovely warm mood-bundle of wildly creative energy soon-the kind of wonderful mood that stops sleepiness in its tracks so I can sit at my computer typing away madly for days and record some spoken work that’s long overdue and finally reply to the emails and update my profile on sites like Interpals once and for all!

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the theme and added a new photo. As a matter of fact, I’ve created a Photo page, where I will occasionally add  pictures-which means once in a blue moon because you KNOW how I feel about photos, right? Go have a look if you want-I’ve uploaded some very recent  odds n’ ends photos- the oldest one being about three weeks old.  ALSO: I’ve added a guestbook (which is OH SO cheeeesy!), So have a look and Go Wild: say lots of sickeningly sweet things that’s sure to make me  smile!….OR U could just say whatever U want, k?

I’ve been working  on a few things, but mostly I’ve been playing Domestic Momma around the house-I guess you could call it early Spring Cleaning, and I’m really hoping to wrap up the chores on my lengthy to-do list  by tomorrow afternoon, so I can finally catch up on play-time with U. As always, Thank U for the emails, links and music-Big, Big, BIG hugs!!

Optimistically yours-



2 Replies to “I didn’t forget”

  1. Well, that’s relieving! I always knew you’d make it. Nice revamp. But please save the old look and feel of this blog somewhere safe. It will nostalgic value, believe me. And I wouldn’t bother going back to interpals if I were you. You have lots of work ahead of you, the new Bright Lucia is only beginning to shine.

    1. Thank U for your encouragement, F. I’m hoping that I’m finally coming out of my… winter so to speak-Actually, I do have a place where I save things with ‘nostalgic value’.
      U should consider becoming a life coach-U’d make a killing! (There’s something twisted about using ‘killing’ in reference to ‘life coach’, huh?) I thought U’d appreciate it.

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