“Lymey 13”?

Does anyone know how agonizing it is to wait for the results of a test? I kept my word and didn’t chicken out-I had the Lyme test yesterday…And because I’ve just finished a pretty lengthy course of antibiotics that have actually made the symptoms I usually feel much better-it can also cause an inaccurate test result-meaning more than likely, the antibiotics have wreaked havoc upon the Lyme antibodies to the point that they may not even show up on the test…Either way, the doctor seems to think that the fact that my usual MS-ish symptoms grew worse and then improved by at least 30% while taking the anitibiotics (sometimes referred to as a “healing crisis”) means that we are most likely fighting Lyme-regardless of the test results-so he gave me another two weeks of Cefdinir and mentioned the scary term “Lyme disease specialist”-I suppose all depending on the results, which I haven’t received yet. The idea of my blood sitting far away from me and my body somewhere in a lab, is one of those things that really gets to me…Humans fuck up far too often, and that makes me nervous-very, very nervous.

I’ll keep U updated and perhaps fill U in on the latest round of  “mood stabilizing” candy I’ve been prescribed-this one includes an extra sweet one-with the risk of a “Fatal Rash”! Joy!

And yes, I’ll put the promised (Did I actually promise U?) photos up as well.




2 Replies to ““Lymey 13”?”

  1. Did they take any X-rated pictures of you? (Old Family Circus comic joke)… the other one being “I don’t have a temperature anymore… the nurse took it”. Well, I guess you’re not in the mood for any doctor jokes. Hope you get well, soon.

    1. No, actually jokes are in the same category with…pizza, and something else-though I can’t seem to remember what it is….’Even when it’s bad-it’s good‘-so yeah, jokes are always welcome.
      Hmm, why does this whole comment seem a bit off-colored to me?
      P.S. and No, I wasn’t saying your jokes were bad BTW-just very welcome- U know how much I love to laugh.
      I think I’ve talked myself into a twist somehow with this reply-I’m feeling sort of like a girl who’s been caught in a compromising position, so I’m taking me and my blushing self away now.

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