Pop Rock Candy is So Coooool!

Hi Dolls,

Forgive the lapse since my last post-I’ve been under the attack of some alien implant that crash-landed in the left side of my poor, poor head and decided it really liked the ambiance-so it set up shop. I’ve felt it coming on for the past three weeks or so-and at first was horrified that maybe it was something VERY serious-after all, it’s not everyday that one gets a strange pushing feeling behind their left temple, right? But by the end of last week , I realized that the alien was nothing more than a very nasty sinus infection-which makes me feel that I’m moving (oh so slowly) underwater and my brain feels like it’s stuck to an almighty glue trap. So, today I finally-on a whim,  braved the cold and soldiered my ass to the doctor, who-after tapping painfully behind my ear and dropping his stethoscope between my breasts-which would have been horribly embarrassing if I’d been half aware of anything other than the constant throbbing pressure in my head-assured me that it was indeed an infection and loaded me up with some powerful decongestants and a Multi mega-dose of penicillin. I’m chicken about antibiotics-mainly because I can’t remember the last time I actually had penicillin-so I worry it’s gonna cause some demonic hurling or something-but I’ve started on the decongestants and already, my skull is doing some awesome pop-rock candy impressions and I LIKE it! I hope to be back to myself very soon-and then I can post Goo! – the post that I was working on until a few days ago when my body shouted “NO! You will NOT type-U must SLEEP-For 18 hours each day!!” 

Thursday is my birthday-so I’ve gotta  feel better by then, right??


Virtual hugs & kisses-because U wouldn’t want the real thing right now-trust me,

Annabel Lee aka ~13

forgive any errors-my temp’s still hovering near 100°


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